Some Newsmap stats

With so much to do lately, I hadn't had a chance to take a peek into what where the current numbers for user activity within newsmap.
The good news is, traffic is up! Last month we had just a little over half a million visitors, and in average each visitor clicked at least 2.2 times on each news article - That's a lot of clicks. Registered users are almost reaching 15k, and a good 31% of them keeps on returning.

Those are all pretty impressive numbers, considering that I do almost roughly no marketing for this tool at all.

The bad news is, I'm giving my hosting company a really tough job, and I'll have to start thinking about improving server capacity sometime very soon.

So far, they've been trully amazing with their support, so if you are one of those people out there who is still trying to find an excellent quality hosting provider, do not hesitate to head over here and give their trial accounts a try: